Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

A stylish clothing store interior reflecting a well-executed brand strategy showcases neatly folded dress shirts in various colors and patterns on a table. Two mannequins display button-up shirts and trousers in the background, surrounded by shelves filled with more shirts on hangers.

Case Study

Stantt & Chameleon Collective: Weaving Consumer Insights into Brand Strategy



In the intricate world of customized men’s apparel, Stantt aimed to excel by offering consumers the perfect fit. However, amidst the bustling retail landscape, the challenge was two-fold: distinguishing themselves effectively and ensuring robust consumer education and conversion on


Recognizing the challenge at hand, Chameleon Collective partnered with Stantt. We believed in the potency of a brand’s unique story and sought to articulate a precise brand strategic framework. This framework wouldn’t merely be a cosmetic touch-up but deeply anchored in genuine consumer insights. Complementing the rigorous market analysis and competitive audit we performed, we delved into Stantt’s primary consumer psyche through in-depth qualitative and psychographic research. We uncovered profound insights, shedding light on their true needs and desires. Harnessing these findings, Stantt’s brand purpose and positioning were recalibrated to align more closely with its consumers.


The redefined brand strategy wasn’t just a refresh; it acted as a compass for Stantt’s future planning. Steering the brand towards strategies that resonated deeply with their target audience, the company could now communicate a unique story and stand out in the complex retail maze. 

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Radha Badani

Radha Badani

Brand & Consumer Strategy

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Ilan Tito

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