Brand & Identity Development

Brand & Identity Development

Case Study

Streamlining Sales Growth at ImpactCSS



ImpactCSS, an industrial investment group, aimed to enhance their portfolio promotion and market position amidst fierce competition. Their goals included strengthening their industry presence, establishing effective marketing tools, and managing a decentralized sales team across the US and Mexico.


Working closely with the CEO and the geographically dispersed sales team, Chameleon Collective quickly identified key performance indicators (KPIs) and devised performance models to improve budgeting and forecasting accuracy. Within a span of six months, we developed programs, systems, and assets that empowered ImpactCSS to effectively communicate their unique value proposition and establish a cross-selling platform.


We developed a comprehensive brand and identity system, along with a range of impactful marketing tools, including sales presentations, brochures, print ads, trade show booth designs, sales kits, white papers, PR initiatives, and website redesigns. The results were truly remarkable. Companies within the ImpactCSS portfolio experienced a significant boost in annual sales projections, ranging from 35% to an impressive 400% in less than six months. Our efforts also played a key role in securing a major sale of over $500K from a Latin American medical manufacturing company, showcasing the power of effective brand and marketing consolidation.


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Charles Sayers

Charles Sayers

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