Brand Identity Development

Brand Identity Development

A person places a wooden block labeled "BRAND" among other blocks labeled "ADVERTISING," "LOGO," "DESIGN," "STRATEGY," "IDENTITY," and "TRUST" on a table, symbolizing the critical components of brand development.

Case Study

ABX Packaging: Wrapped in a New, Exciting Brand Identity



ABX Packaging, an industry leader in flexible packaging solutions, sought to refresh its brand image and marketing strategy. The goal was to differentiate ABX in the marketplace and invigorate employees with a new brand that captured their spirit and values.


Working in close collaboration with ABX’s CEO and leadership team, Chameleon Collective played a pivotal role in crafting a unique positioning and messaging strategy. Within just eight weeks, we successfully developed a comprehensive brand identity system that encompassed a wide range of marketing assets, including sales presentations, corporate and product brochures, print advertising materials, stationery, corporate videos, and social media content. Alongside these external marketing efforts, we overhauled ABX’s internal communications strategy, introduce an email awareness campaign and launched an online branded merchandise store to enhance employee engagement and pride in the new brand identity.


The rebranding and marketing initiative brought excitement to both ABX Packaging and its stakeholders. The company’s new brand identity helped it stand out in a crowded marketplace, while employees felt reinvigorated and united under the new positioning. This had a dual impact by reinforcing ABX’s industry standing and fostering a strong internal culture aligned with the new brand.

Brand Identity Development

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