Brand Identity & Platform

Brand Identity & Platform

Hand holding a smartphone displaying a Bitcoin trading app with a blue background. The screen shows the current price of Bitcoin at $8,775.41, price trends, and options to buy or sell Bitcoin. Other details include the 24-hour change, market data, and bid/ask prices, reinforcing the platform's brand identity.

Case Study

Establishing Trust in Crypto Trading through a Bold Brand Identity



In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, Voyager, a burgeoning startup founded by the brains behind Uber and E*Trade, sought to revolutionize the landscape. Their ambition? To craft a leading-edge brokerage platform, transforming the intimidating realm of crypto finance into a trusted and user-friendly experience. Yet, to achieve this, Voyager needed more than just an idea—they required a strong brand identity that would not only demystify but also inspire trust in this often misconstrued financial sector.


Aligning with the expertise of Chameleon Collective, Voyager set out on a brand-building odyssey. Before even diving into product development, together, we laid the foundation for a holistic brand platform. This collaboration birthed not just a distinctive brand name but a dynamic visual library, instrumental for a triumphant market entry. Our strategy for Voyager was twofold: marry the steadfast reliability of age-old financial institutions with the vigor of contemporary fintechTargeting the audacious pioneers of the crypto realm, Voyager was sculpted to be more than a platform—it was to be the reliable compass guiding investors through the uncharted waters of modern finance. To visualize this ethos, a color palette exuding wisdom and freshness was curated. The profound purple, evoking trust and sagacity—imperatives for financial platforms—and the refreshing mint, cutting through the monotony of conventional financial interfaces. This design was all about ascendancy and agility, mirroring the swift yet stable world of crypto trading.


Chameleon Collective’s innovative brand strategy for Voyager wasn’t just a design; it was a game changer. Our creation, deeply rooted in both trust and progression, struck a chord with the desired audience. As Voyager sailed into the vast sea of crypto finance, it did so with unparalleled clarity and assurance. The standout brand identity, paired with an avant-garde approach, effectively cemented Voyager’s reputation as the go-to brokerage for the transformative world of finance.


Brand Identity & Platform

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