Brand Repositioning

Brand Repositioning

A person wearing a brown long-sleeve shirt is knitting with red yarn, their hands expertly repositioning the knitting needles as they work on a large piece of textured red fabric. The person also wears a ring on one finger and a wide silver band on another finger.

Case Study

A Legacy Brand Reimagined for the Modern Hobbyist



Tacony, a family-owned company with over 70 years in business and 20 diverse brands, was facing the challenge of modernizing its brand messaging to resonate with the next generation of hobbyists and makers. This was particularly crucial for their direct-to-consumer brand, Nancy’s Notions.


To navigate this transition effectively, an extensive market and competitor review was undertaken to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s current state and future trajectory. This was complemented by primary research aimed at understanding the consumer journey and perceptions of the brand. Furthermore, social media was used to glean crucial insights about the target audience, enriching the overall knowledge base for the brand revamp. Based on these insights, a brand positioning pivot was conceptualized, with Tacony transitioning from a traditional supplier to a “conduit for creativity.” This updated branding encapsulated Tacony’s aim to inspire and empower the new generation of creatives.


Armed with a renewed brand positioning and a deep understanding of its modern audience, Nancy’s Notions successfully implemented these changes into its go-to-market communication strategy. By doing so, Tacony has strategically repositioned itself to stay relevant and appealing to the upcoming generation of hobbyists, ensuring the continuity of its rich legacy in a modern context. The revamped branding is not just a visual change but signifies a shift in Tacony’s approach towards embracing the creative spirit of the new generation.




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