Branding Identity Transformation

Branding Identity Transformation

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Beauty Through Generations: Mary Louise Cosmetics’ Brand Transformation



Mary Louise Cosmetics is a beauty company that was created by Akilah Mary Louise Releford as a tribute to the cherished beauty rituals handed down through generations. It also encapsulated in a brand that mirrored the names of the Akilah’s grandmothers. With the brand’s success, there arose a desire to renew and redefine. The brand envisioned a refreshed brand identity, one that resonated with the essence of intergenerational beauty — an intertwining of time-honored self-care traditions with a touch of contemporary appeal.


The Chameleon Collective team delved deep into the heart of Mary Louise Cosmetics’ legacy, aiming to craft a brand persona that reflected its core values and aspirations. Our team’s mission was to seamlessly merge the age-old with the new.

The outcome? A visual identity that struck a harmonious balance between the nostalgic reminiscences of beauty rituals, symbolizing the generational transfer of wisdom, and a crisp, youthful vibrancy. In doing so, we didn’t merely rehash the old; we breathed life into it. The Chameleon Collective accentuated this revamped visual persona with an articulate brand voice, one that exuded authenticity and relevance while sparking curiosity. 


The renewed brand identity, meticulously sculpted by Chameleon Collective, resonated deeply with both long standing customers and the newer generation. By intertwining the timeless charm of nostalgia with a fresh, modern twist, Mary Louise Cosmetics was poised to embark on an exciting new chapter of growth and recognition. The results spoke volumes, as the brand not only fortified its roots in ancestral beauty rituals but also firmly placed itself in the contemporary beauty landscape. 

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Tasha Blackman

Tasha Blackman

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Tavis Salazar

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