Branding Transformative Approach

Branding Transformative Approach

Case Study

The Scent of Success: Reworking Ideal Living’s Smart Diffuser Launch Strategy



After years of meticulous product development, Ideal Living was ready to introduce a groundbreaking smart diffuser that promised to transform homes into aromatic sanctuaries. But post-launch, their typical marketing strategy, which had been previously successful, met unexpected resistance. The brand’s message and visual cues were missing the mark, leading to suboptimal conversion rates. Chameleon Collective was summoned to infuse clarity and resonance.


A brand overhaul was paramount. Chameleon Collective embarked on a thorough assessment of Ideal Living’s brand strategy, positioning, and messaging framework. It wasn’t just about listing the product features but narrating an engaging story that resonated—pulling the audience into an engaging narrative. Transitioning to a customer-centric model, we developed a comprehensive Brand Book, laying out the revamped essence of the brand. With this guiding document in hand, we sculpted a new eCommerce journey prioritizing conversion. Also, advertising campaigns were realigned to echo the fresh Storybrand framework, ensuring a consistent and compelling narrative.


The transformative approach taken on yielded remarkable results. Conversion rates experienced a meteoric rise, surging by 225%. Some channels even surpassed this impressive benchmark, underscoring that with a well-crafted story and strategic direction, even complex products can resonate powerfully.

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