Case Study: Embodied – Fractional CMO

Case Study: Embodied – Fractional CMO

A turquoise, humanoid robot with a round face, large green eyes, and a small smile. Its embodied design includes a hood-like part around the head and short, stubby arms. With a speaker on its body, this childlike robot appears friendly and approachable.

Case Study

Crafting the Growth Blueprint for a Surge in Holiday Sales



Our client faced a pressing challenge: Reduce their CAC  in preparation for their first-ever holiday selling season. Added to this was the necessity to show financial discipline, ensuring they were primed for a fruitful end of the season.


In our signature Chameleon fashion, we embedded ourselves within the company’s structure, operating as a seamless extension. We took charge, restructuring the team to prioritize financial rigor. Our leaders and consultants took a hands-on approach, establishing holiday best practices. The key was to be data-driven; weekly reports and clear baseline KPIs were introduced, enabling us to pivot dynamically. We cut down on strategies bleeding cash and amplified those showing promise. By pinpointing high-performance areas and developing an in-depth understanding of the ‘time to purchase,’ we could adeptly modulate marketing budgets, foreseeing their impact 4-6 weeks post-adjustment. The goal was clear: optimize, elevate, and be agile.


The transformations were evident and impactful. The company witnessed a staggering 45% reduction in CAC. Their financial discipline shone through, leading to an infusion of $19M+ in investment funding. Our strategic prowess secured them a prestigious spot at the American Academy of Pediatrics conference. To cement their future growth, we aided in hiring and retaining a full-time, on-site CMO, ensuring sustained excellence. Recognizing the value we brought, they requested we continue our partnership as their fractional CMO.

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