Confidential Talent Triumph

Confidential Talent Triumph

Case Study

AERIN’s Silent Reshuffle: Reimagining the Director of eCommerce



AERIN, a brand synonymous with excellence, approached Chameleon Collective with a unique predicament: They sought a discreet replacement for their existing Head of eCommerce. The objective wasn’t just to find a replacement, but to elevate the talent standard altogether, a task that required utmost discretion and precision.


Chameleon Collective is no stranger to sensitive projects and quickly tapped into its extensive network and honed recruitment strategy. We recognized that this wasn’t just about finding the right fit on paper; it was about blending skills, culture, and potential seamlessly into AERIN’s fabric. Throughout the search, confidentiality remained paramount. Our team diligently scoured the market, ensuring our process remained stealthy. Every potential candidate underwent rigorous evaluation, not just for their professional prowess but for their alignment with AERIN’s brand essence.


The culmination of our efforts was the introduction of a candidate that resonated with AERIN’s aspirations. This new Director of eCommerce didn’t just check the boxes – she became an invaluable addition to the team. The feedback from AERIN’s end has been overwhelmingly positive. Through Chameleon Collective’s strategic, covert approach, AERIN experienced a smooth transition and an upgrade in talent, setting the stage for a vibrant digital future.


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