Crafting Brand Strategy

Crafting Brand Strategy

Case Study

Navigating Growth: SimpliSafe’s Brand Refresh with Chameleon Collective



SimpliSafe, a brand on the brink of transformative growth, recognized the need to shift gears in their brand narrative. They sought a partner with the expertise to harness insights from their previous segmentation work, recalibrate their brand positioning, and establish a strategic brand framework for their evolving business landscape.


Diving deep into the essence of SimpliSafe, Chameleon Collective started with an in-depth evaluation of the brand’s existing prowess. Moving from macro to micro, we delved into the intricate customer journey, decoding the emotions and motivations that influence their decisions. Empowered by these insights, we carved out strategic brand pillars, acting as SimpliSafe’s guiding North Star. These pillars were designed to not only navigate the brand’s market strategy but also define its mission, vision, and values with absolute clarity. The newly crafted brand strategy framework crystallized the ideal customer persona, pinpointed brand opportunities, and sculpted a positioning strategy zeroing in on SimpliSafe’s unique and irreplaceable brand strengths. But strategy without execution is just a vision. Thus, we moved to bring this renewed brand identity to life. By curating comprehensive brand guidelines and a sophisticated visual identity system, we cemented SimpliSafe’s transformed image in the market.


Under Chameleon Collective’s expert guidance, SimpliSafe’s brand underwent a renaissance. This renewed identity not only fortified its market presence but also positioned the brand to navigate its future with confidence and clarity, setting the stage for amplified success.

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Karen Lithgow

Karen Lithgow

Partner-CMO & Brand Strategist

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Radha Badani

Brand & Consumer Strategy

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