Crafting Success in the Mobile Realm

Crafting Success in the Mobile Realm

Case Study

Rev’s App Renaissance: Crafting Success in the Mobile Realm



Rev was in a digital conundrum. While their web app was a robust sales channel, their recently launched mobile apps weren’t gaining the traction they had hoped for. With a marketing budget significantly restrained (a Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) target 60% below their web app’s), the path forward demanded both creativity and efficiency.


Stepping into Rev’s mobile arena, Chameleon Collective unfurled its expertise in mobile app user acquisition. We carved out an end-to-end customer acquisition strategy tailored for mobile app growth. This strategy wasn’t just about amplifying what existed—it was also about pioneering fresh avenues of outreach. The linchpin of our approach? An overhauled Apple Search Ads campaign, tailored to harness high-potential keywords and optimized to make every dollar count.


Our revamped Apple Search Ads strategy unlocked massive potential. By honing in on and scaling top-performing keywords, customer acquisition through Apple Search skyrocketed, registering a 30-fold increase in the inaugural year. This strategic maneuver didn’t just ramp up app usage; it translated into an impressive additional $100k of annual revenue for Rev.

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