Creative Agency Recruiting

Creative Agency Recruiting

Case Study

Fueling Creative Growth at Battle Medialab with Strategic Hiring



Battle Medialab, a dynamic Creative Agency headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, was poised to amplify their creative team’s capabilities. Despite operating within a constricted market, they sought to infuse their team with fresh talent in the roles of a UX/UI Designer and an Art Director. The task of sourcing top-notch talent within these constraints fell to Chameleon Collective’s Recruiting team.


Melissa Pacheco and Laura Knoll led our recruitment efforts, employing a multi-pronged strategy to identify suitable candidates across the nation. This approach included participating in local events to interact directly with potential talent. Additionally, to ensure a cultural fit, they built a deep, understanding relationship with the Battle team, which included on-site meetings for a firsthand understanding of the company’s work environment.


Our focused recruitment efforts bore fruit, and we successfully filled both roles. Despite the challenging market and specific skill set requirements – particularly the need for an Art Director with exceptional illustration skills – the candidates integrated smoothly into the Battle team. Through our recruitment efforts, we strengthened Battle Medialab’s creative capacity, ensuring their competitive edge in the industry.


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Melissa Pacheco

Melissa Pacheco

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