Recruiting for a Creative Agency

Recruiting for a Creative Agency

Case Study

Elevating República’s Workforce: A Success Story in Strategic Recruitment



República, one of South Florida’s leading agencies, confronted a significant challenge: they were overwhelmed with time-consuming application reviews and screening processes, and lacked a strong South Florida network. They needed a way to streamline their recruitment process, ensuring they were considering only the most suitable candidates, which in turn would allow their executive team to focus on business development and client success.


República turned to Chameleon Recruiting to tackle this challenge. We built a robust relationship with the agency and quickly became their preferred partner for hiring needs. Our approach was to significantly streamline their hiring process, carefully evaluating candidates and presenting República only with the top-tier talent that met their specific needs.


The transformation in the recruitment process resulted in 11 new hires within just a year, significantly enriching República’s team. This not only led to immediate enhancement of their workforce capacity but also saw one of our recruits rise to the role of SVP Chief Strategy Officer. The positions we successfully filled included: Director of Brand Strategy, Copywriter, Sr Account Manager, Account Manager, Content Strategist, Brand Strategist, Group Account Director, Senior Manager Creative Operations, Creative Operations Senior Project Manager, Social Media Strategist, and Sr. Brand Strategist. Our collaborative engagement with República has undoubtedly empowered their executive team to focus more on client success and business development, significantly contributing to the company’s growth trajectory.


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