Marketing & Advertising Recruiting

Marketing & Advertising Recruiting

Two healthcare professionals are standing and smiling. The woman on the left has short gray hair, glasses, and is wearing a white lab coat with a stethoscope. The man on the right has short black hair, is wearing blue scrubs, and also has a stethoscope. Perfect for recruiting or marketing materials in healthcare.

Case Study

Driving Growth with Value-Centric Recruitment at Heller



Heller, a rapidly expanding agency catering to healthcare and pharmaceutical clients, had a clear vision for its growth. They sought not just to fill positions but to foster a unique culture promoting a genuine work-life balance. Their immediate need was an Account Supervisor, but they needed a partner who understood the culture they aspired to create.


Chameleon Collective, embracing Heller’s vision, stepped into the role of recruitment partner. We focused not only on the required skill sets but also on aligning values and culture fit. Our close collaboration led to the successful placement of two Account Supervisors and two Designers. 


Our relationship with Heller has grown into a trusted partnership, and we’re seen as an extension of their team. The candidates we’ve introduced to Heller express great satisfaction with their roles, finding immense fulfillment in their work improving lives through healthcare and pharmaceutical client projects. This successful recruitment strategy has contributed to Heller’s ongoing growth while maintaining their unique work-life balance ethos.

Marketing & Advertising RecruitingMarketing & Advertising Recruiting

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