Customer Experience Assessment

Customer Experience Assessment

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Case Study

Building AccuWeather’s Customer Experience Center of Excellence



AccuWeather, a globally recognized brand, was transitioning from traditional printed weather maps and media content to digital services. As part of this transformation, AccuWeather aimed to establish a new focus on customer experience (CX), identifying the need for a CX framework that would continuously enhance customer satisfaction.


Chameleon Collective partnered with AccuWeather to understand the current state of the customer experience, identify gaps, and pinpoint opportunities for enhancement. Our team provided a multi-step strategy to create a foundational framework for continuous CX improvement. AccuWeather then entrusted Chameleon Collective with the execution of the recommendations, focusing first on quick wins. This involved the creation of a Customer Service Playbook designed to elevate customer engagement, along with a Quality Framework for evaluating both customer perceptions and internal performance. Additionally, we spearheaded the implementation of a CRM platform for Customer Service (Microsoft Dynamics 365) to optimize and measure customer service delivery.


By setting up a Customer Experience Center of Excellence and leading the initial phase of implementation, Chameleon Collective has helped AccuWeather take significant steps toward becoming a more customer-centric organization. Through the strategic development of the Customer Service Playbook and the successful integration of a new CRM platform, AccuWeather is poised for continuous CX improvement, bolstering customer engagement and satisfaction in their evolving digital landscape.


AccuWeather, Inc.

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