Digital Product Design

Digital Product Design

An advertisement for the Voyager cryptocurrency trading app features a beautifully designed mountainous landscape against a dark blue sky with "VOYAGER" prominently displayed. On the right, the mobile app interface showcases a Bitcoin balance and various cryptocurrency prices, highlighting its sleek digital product.

Case Study

Building a Bridge to Crypto Trading – A Seamless Design Approach for Voyager



Cryptocurrency, an innovative yet complex realm, had yet to meet a user interface that could simplify trading for traditional online investors. This was the challenge facing Voyager, the ambitious crypto startup from Uber co-founder Oscar Salazar. Voyager was seeking to introduce a flagship crypto trading application that would blend the rapid pace of digital assets with the user-friendly features of modern online trading platforms.


Chameleon Collective, combining our extensive design experience from renowned financial brands such as AMEX and Wirecard, was engaged to transform this vision into reality. We set out to assist Voyager in the end-to-end design of their application, working in parallel with the development of a comprehensive brand platform and visual identity. Our design approach hinged on thorough market research and design-oriented customer interviews. By empathizing with the user and understanding their pain points, we could seamlessly integrate user-friendly practices found in platforms like Robinhood, Stash, and Acorns. At the same time, we retained the unique allure of cryptocurrency trading – its speed and potential.


The result was a sophisticated native iOS application, designed to demystify cryptocurrency trading for the traditional online investor while still meeting the requirements of a seasoned crypto trader. By distilling the complexities of cryptocurrency trading into an intuitive interface, Chameleon Collective played an integral role in Voyager’s mission to modernize and democratize crypto trading.


Digital Product Design

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