E-Commerce Renaissance

E-Commerce Renaissance

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Reimagining a Retail Legacy in a Digital Age



New York & Company: a name echoing a rich legacy of over a century and building steadfast customer trust. Their secret recipe? A robust physical store presence. But as digital winds reshaped consumer preferences towards online shopping, they grappled with the tumultuous waves, finding themselves woefully unprepared. The global pandemic and ensuing restrictions pushed them closer to the precipice, teetering on bankruptcy.


Upon the dawn of new ownership, Chameleon Collective was summoned to craft a visionary path forward. Recognizing the need for a radical change, we steered New York & Company’s metamorphosis from a traditional brick and mortar model to a dynamic e-commerce powerhouse. The journey commenced with our proprietary CLEAR assessment, shining light on myriad marketing potentialities—from CRM intricacies to performance marketing nuances. Harnessing these insights, we navigated Saadia Group’s digital transition with precision. This involved cherry-picking stellar talent, streamlining agency collaborations, and embedding time-tested marketing methodologies.


The transformation over the subsequent two years was nothing short of remarkable. New York & Company’s digital marketing ecosystem flourished. The fruits of our labor were evident: marketing campaigns propelled a 10% spike in incremental revenue, juxtaposed against a 24% drop in marketing expenditures. The outcome? A striking 36% plunge in incremental cost per order and a commendable 43% surge in incremental ROAS.


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