eCommerce Site

eCommerce Site

A MacBook Pro rests on a wooden table, displaying an eCommerce webpage featuring various Adidas watches. The watches have metal bands in gold, silver, and black, each showing the time as 12:58. The centerpiece of the online shopping site showcases the hashtag #ADIDASTIMING.

Case Study

Crafting a Responsive eCommerce Experience for Adidas Watches



Adidas needed an eCommerce responsive website for its watch line that would not only highlight the products but also embody the brand’s tone and lifestyle. A clear, user-friendly UI and UX were crucial for facilitating customer journeys, ensuring easy navigation, and optimizing conversions.


Working closely with the Nixon team and our interim SVP of Digital & eCommerce, Chameleon Collective undertook the task of designing the UI and UX for Adidas watches’ e-commerce site. We also directed the art for the product and lifestyle photography, setting the tone in line with the Adidas brand. To ensure consistency and ease of development, we established a detailed style guide for the development team.


The resulting Adidas Watches eCommerce site, underpinned by a sleek and user-friendly design, offered a seamless shopping experience that echoed the brand’s identity and lifestyle. The style guide served as a roadmap for the development team, ensuring design consistency and efficient implementation.

eCommerce SiteeCommerce Site

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