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eCommerce & eMail Recruiting

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Case Study

Crafting a Winning Team: How Combe Leaped into D2C eCommerce



Combe Incorporated, traditionally anchored in retail, aimed to make a strategic pivot into the direct-to-consumer (D2C) eCommerce space. However, the challenge lay in their geographical location in White Plains, which made attracting top-tier talent difficult. Additionally, due to the lean nature of their team, Combe required candidates who could marry strategic insight with hands-on execution.


To address Combe’s needs, Chameleon Recruiting deployed a focused recruitment strategy. The first step in this journey was to recruit an eCommerce Technical Project Manager. The Chameleon team plunged into an intensive research phase, developing an in-depth understanding of the necessary technical competencies for the role. We engaged with over 120 candidates, eventually narrowing the field to four exceptional individuals. Following this success, Combe’s next recruitment requirement was for a Senior Manager of Email/CRM. Utilizing our extensive network, we initiated conversations with over 60 candidates. A careful selection process resulted in seven shortlisted candidates, each with a unique array of experience.


The focused and deliberate recruitment approach bore fruit, with Combe successfully assembling their D2C eCommerce team. The individuals placed not only fulfilled the strategic and execution capabilities sought after by Combe but also harmonized seamlessly with the company’s culture. As a result, Combe is now confidently navigating the D2C eCommerce landscape, propelled by a team that’s equipped to drive growth and innovation.


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