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Behind Dashlane’s Digital Triumph: The eCommerce & SEO Strategy Blueprint



Dashlane, renowned for its consumer-focused security features such as password management and data storage, reached a crossroad. The expanding enterprise security market beckoned, but Dashlane’s B2C approach required an evolution. To cater to medium-large businesses without distancing loyal individual users, Dashlane faced the dual challenge of revamping its digital presence and filling a critical leadership void in eCommerce.


Recognizing the intricate nature of this transformation, Chameleon Collective introduced Jonathan as Interim Head of eCommerce & SEO Strategy. Positioned at the forefront of this shift, Jonathan took the helm. He embarked on an intensive assessment of organizational needs, identifying the strengths and limitations of the current team. Jonathan then shared actionable insights with Dashlane’s executive stakeholders, crafting a strategic roadmap harmonious with the company’s overarching objectives. His leadership cultivated strong collaborations with internal teams, ensuring seamless execution of the B2B transition strategy. He also led an initiative to relaunch the company website to enhance its focus on medium to large enterprises. But Jonathan’s influence went beyond strategy: he also played an instrumental role in securing a permanent executive for Dashlane, ensuring the brand’s continued trajectory towards digital transformation.


Under Jonathan’s guidance, Dashlane didn’t just make a foray into the B2B realm; they mastered it. While maintaining their valued B2C base, Dashlane expanded its digital footprint into the enterprise sector with precision and poise. Their renewed strategy not only positioned them as a formidable player in the enterprise security market but also ensured continuity in leadership and vision through a seamless executive transition.

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