eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO

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Achieving Stellar Growth: A Comprehensive SEO Strategy for eCommerce Success



Our client, a significant player in e-commerce, was aiming to significantly grow their business. A core component of their growth strategy involved enhancing their SEO across their website and Amazon to drive better visibility and increase revenues.


Our team of Chameleons developed and executed a comprehensive SEO strategy. We used multiple data sources to pull keyword data for the client’s website and third-party sites. A matrix was built to avoid self-cannibalization of keyword terms and we created a plan to execute keywords in tags and copy. We also fixed all technical SEO issues across multiple client-owned sites and pushed out weekly blog content to increase traffic from long-tail keywords.


Our strategic focus on SEO drove high double-digit growth. Multiple items on Amazon moved to the first-page results, leading to 7-figure revenue growth. Our efforts also secured multiple Google results on the first page for “Swingset” and “Playset” keywords for their website and third-party retailers. Furthermore, the weekly blog posts we released contributed to direct website growth and a significant increase in weekly revenue.


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