eCommerce Team Recruiting

eCommerce Team Recruiting

Case Study

Strategic Talent Acquisition for Megafood’s Expanding eCommerce Team



As a rapidly growing vitamins and supplements company, Megafood needed to strengthen its digital channels and marketplace presence. A key aspect of this growth strategy was the expansion of their eCommerce team with expertise in Analytics, Inventory Management, and Logistics. The challenge lay in locating individuals with specific skill sets within these roles, along with extensive knowledge of the Marketplaces/Amazon channels.


Chameleon Collective took on the task of supporting Megafood’s recruitment efforts. Our team identified potential talent from similar consumer goods and CPG companies where similar expertise would likely be found. The location for the roles was flexible providing a wider pool of candidates to source from. Our objective was to pinpoint subject matter experts with specific knowledge to fit these vital roles.


Through Chameleon’s extensive network and recruitment expertise, Megafood successfully hired proficient talent in key roles across Analytics, Inventory, and Logistics. This strategic talent acquisition has not only equipped Megafood with the necessary expertise for operational efficiency but also significantly bolstered its position in the marketplace, paving the way for continuous growth in the eCommerce domain.


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Melissa Pacheco

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