Elevating E-commerce Excellence

Elevating E-commerce Excellence

Case Study

The LOVE Wellness Revamp: From Clarity to Execution



With fresh leadership through a new CEO, LOVE Wellness was poised for growth, yearning to elevate its women’s wellness brand. Recognizing areas that needed enhancement, such as their Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) platform and paid social channels, they sought to revamp their e-commerce strategy and address any lurking concerns.


To steer LOVE Wellness in the right direction, Chameleon Collective deployed our signature approach – the CLEAR assessment. The CLEAR assessment is a comprehensive evaluation method designed to understand, analyze, and optimize a business’s core functionalities and growth opportunities. By integrating two interim C-level leaders into LOVE Wellness, we delved deep into critical areas of the brand. The primary objective centered on refining the marketing strategy, team dynamics, and execution capability, with a spotlight on maximizing growth through e-commerce and DTC channels.


The insights from the CLEAR assessment served as a valuable roadmap. With clarity on what needed reshaping, LOVE Wellness took proactive steps, adjusting their organizational structure for more streamlined operations. Additionally, embracing Chameleons in interim roles not only facilitated immediate improvements but also fast-tracked the plan.

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Team Members

Ryan  Goodwin

Ryan Goodwin

Interim CMO Direct-to-Consumer

Ilan Tito

Ilan Tito

Head of Ecommerce

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