Email Strategy Overhaul

Email Strategy Overhaul

A group of three people engage in a fitness class. One woman sits on the floor in the foreground, smiling and stretching her leg. Two others, a man and a woman, stand behind her, also smiling. They are all wearing athletic attire and seem to be enjoying the class, clearly benefiting from their new workout email strategy.

Case Study

Transforming Email Strategy: Skyrocketing Lead Conversion and Member Engagement


The National Fitness Brand was confronting a drastic decline in the performance of their email marketing channel, threatening their bottom line. Despite leveraging a high-volume, high-frequency approach, their results continued to dwindle. Their sender reputation suffered, with the overwhelming majority of their emails landing in recipients’ SPAM folders.


Chameleon Collective initiated an in-depth analysis of the brand’s email engagement trends. After identifying the drawbacks of their existing approach, we presented our findings and proposed a complete overhaul of their strategy to the brand’s senior management. We developed a comprehensive segmentation strategy, focusing on creating personalized email “journeys” tailored to the behaviors and actions of different consumer segments, all with predetermined cadences. In collaboration with a leading email deliverability expert, we also embarked on repairing the brand’s sender reputation.


The results of the pilot project were astounding, with a 900+% increase in lead conversion rates and a 300+% rise in member email engagement. Crucially, we were able to restore the brand’s email reputation, achieving a consistent inbox placement rate of 98%. The data-driven strategy not only resuscitated their email performance but also significantly contributed to the brand’s sales.


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