Embedded Recruitment Strategy

Embedded Recruitment Strategy

Case Study

Reinventing Francesca’s: A Tale of Swift and Strategic Recruitment



Francesca’s, a notable name in the industry, was confronted with a talent vacuum. Essential roles in their team, which were temporarily occupied by Chameleon Collective, needed to be replaced by permanent, high-caliber professionals. The most prominent challenge was the vacant VP of eCommerce position. Despite Francesca’s enlistment of a reputed recruiting firm, this pivotal role remained unfilled for over six months.


Rather than viewing the challenge as an obstacle, Chameleon Collective saw it as an opportunity to reframe and elevate. Being deeply embedded within Francesca’s operations meant we had an unparalleled insight into their core requirements. This intimate understanding, combined with our vast recruiting expertise, empowered us to curate a shortlist of outstanding candidates. With precision, we filled roles for a VP of eCommerce, Director of CRM, CRM Manager, Sr Digital Manager, and Senior Manager, Customer & Marketing Effectiveness Analyst. Our elevated methodology shone especially bright with the VP of eCommerce role. What was once a lingering challenge for a previous firm became a testament to our transformative prowess. Chameleon Collective advanced the mission, securing the right fit for Francesca’s in just 2 months.


With Chameleon Collective’s bold approach, Francesca’s underwent a transformative personnel upgrade. Our swift, efficient, and embedded recruitment strategy not only drastically reduced the hiring timeline but also assured that each recruit was perfectly aligned with Francesca’s vision. Through this engagement, Chameleon Collective didn’t just fill roles; we reimagined and fortified Francesca’s team for sustained success in the eCommerce arena.

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