Go-To-Market Strategy

Go-To-Market Strategy

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Case Study

Unlocking Growth: UpperEdge’s Enhanced Go-To-Market Strategy



UpperEdge, a respected IT sourcing advisory firm, stood as a testament to the power of word-of-mouth and a stellar reputation. Their bespoke “white-glove” services, based on expert negotiating skills and industry knowledge, consistently led to impressive client results and high retention. However, the team had struggled attracting and acquiring net new customers beyond leveraging personal relationships and networks. A flat organizational structure and the absence of a seasoned leader left the sales team grappling with fragmented directives.


Chameleon Collective tackled UpperEdge’s challenge head-on with our CLEAR Sales and Marketing assessment, meticulously identifying blockers and untapped opportunities for growth. With these insights, we delivered an updated Go-To-Market strategy including recommendations on org design and a refined sales process to improve collaboration. The solution also involved providing interim leadership to the sales and marketing teams for six months. Beyond mere day-to-day management, our leaders focused on improving team morale, recognizing and mentoring budding internal marketing talent, and championing the integration of Account Based Marketing to target prospects aligned with UpperEdge’s Ideal Customer Profile. The final effort was recruiting and onboarding the organization’s first-ever Chief Revenue Officer, melding sales and marketing into a singular, cohesive unit.


The results of our partnership with UpperEdge were both swift and transformative. In the six months following our CLEAR assessment and under our interim leadership, the health of the firm’s sales funnel changed dramatically. There was an incredible 658% jump in MQLs, 73% more Qualified Opportunities, and a 50% increase in closed deals. With Chameleon Collective by their side, UpperEdge wasn’t just expanding; it was soaring.


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Miles Williams

Miles Williams

CMO: B2B & Managed Services

Marc Kiven

Marc Kiven

Interim CRO

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