Google Analytics Auditing

Google Analytics Auditing

Case Study

Refining Mielle Organics’ Digital Journey Through Data & Affiliate Mastery



On the cusp of an acquisition, Mielle Organics confronted a trifecta of digital challenges. Their Google Analytics system was cluttered and outdated, necessitating a seamless transition to GA4. Furthermore, to bolster their Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) revenue stream, they urgently needed expertise in affiliate marketing.


Chameleon Collective dispatched the perfect amalgamation of data analytics prowess and affiliate marketing acumen: Brittany MacBeth. Diving deep into Mielle Organics’ Google Analytics labyrinth, she instituted a meticulous audit, streamlining configurations, and ironing out inefficiencies. With the groundwork laid, Brittany pioneered the transition to GA4, ensuring that Mielle’s in-house squad was adeptly trained to capitalize on the platform’s enhanced functionalities. Brittany’s affiliate marketing strategy was rooted in a holistic historical audit, leveraging her data-driven insights to discern existing gaps. The key breakthrough was discerning which affiliates were genuinely enhancing revenue. This invaluable revelation informed a pivotal shift in strategy: migrating from a predominantly cashback and coupon-centric approach to partnerships with content publishers of higher relevance.


Under Brittany’s expert guidance, Mielle Organics’ marketing team found themselves empowered with a pristine, trustworthy analytics framework, spotlighting channels pivotal for demand generation. Brittany’s strategic shifts in the affiliate marketing domain bore staggering fruits: a monumental +342% surge in affiliate channel revenue between 2021 and 2023 and a +433% ascension in its contribution to the overall media portfolio. Post-acquisition by P&G, Brittany’s expertise remains invaluable to Mielle Organics, now also enlightening sister brands on refining their digital strategies.


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