Head of Email Marketing Recruiting

Head of Email Marketing Recruiting

Case Study

Bringing Skill and Culture Together: The Search for B&H Photo’s Head of Email Marketing



B&H Photo, though recognized as one of America’s top employers, faced unique challenges in attracting top talent due to its distinct company culture and approach. The requirement was not just for a proficient Head of Email Marketing, but one who would also blend seamlessly with their company culture. Furthermore, the role demanded a customer-centric individual who could innovate and elevate their email marketing processes.


Chameleon Collective embarked on a rigorous recruitment process, understanding the unique blend of skill and cultural compatibility that B&H Photo sought. We scoured the talent pool, screening over 60 candidates for this pivotal role. However, we were mindful that only a select few would satisfy both the professional and cultural fit that B&H Photo required.


Our comprehensive candidate screening and assessment yielded a shortlist of professionals who were not only adept at optimizing segmentation and innovating in email marketing but also in tune with B&H Photo’s unique company culture. This successful hiring endeavor marked a significant step towards increasing retention and engagement, aligning perfectly with B&H Photo’s vision and future growth trajectory.

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