Recruiting Mastery Defines Bold Evolution

Recruiting Mastery Defines Bold Evolution

Case Study

From Lean to Prosperous: Freshmade’s Strategic Team Expansion



In 2017, Freshmade, a branding and packaging design agency focusing on organic, health-conscious brands, was facing a significant challenge. As a lean organization, the co-founders were burdened with handling all design needs while concurrently striving to acquire new clients. Their need was clear: an expanded team to handle the increasing workload and allow the founders to focus on growth strategies.


Chameleon Collective built a strong relationship with Freshmade, understanding their ethos and operational needs deeply. We assisted them in hiring a Project Manager, a Junior Designer, a Senior Designer, and a Social Media Manager. This comprehensive team brought a diversity of skills to the table, enabling Freshmade to not only manage their existing workload but also expand their service offerings to include social media.


With the new team in place, Freshmade experienced substantial growth, being able to take on more clients and diversify their services. Notably, the Project Manager we placed has now ascended to become a Partner at the agency. Moreover, our engagement with Freshmade led to referrals to other agencies they collaborate with, expanding our influence and showcasing our expertise in recruiting for the creative industry.


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