Building a Marketing Powerhouse

Building a Marketing Powerhouse

Case Study

Building a Marketing Powerhouse: Successful Recruitment for OpenText



OpenText, a global technology conglomerate, needed to build out the marketing teams for its three major subsidiaries, which together contribute to over 75% of the parent company’s total revenue. With such high stakes, they sought the assistance of three recruitment firms, including Chameleon Collective and two major global retainer search firms.


Undeterred by the competitive scenario, Chameleon Collective used its deep understanding of the marketing sector to identify and attract executive leaders and senior support staff best suited for the challenge. We formed a trusted bond with OpenText’s CMO, leveraging our insights and experience to meet their recruitment needs effectively. Our approach was grounded in understanding the nuances of the OpenText culture, business strategy, and the specific skill sets needed to drive their marketing goals. We sought high-caliber, performance-oriented candidates who could seamlessly fit into the OpenText ecosystem and take the reins of their marketing leadership.


Chameleon Collective’s recruitment strategy culminated in a resounding success, as acknowledged by the CMO of OpenText, “You delivered when others did not.” Our recruitment success story with OpenText not only led to several executive placements but also earned us high praise within the company, leading to additional referrals within other OpenText areas. This case demonstrates Chameleon Collective’s expertise in recruiting top talent, especially within the marketing realm, affirming our position as a trusted partner in building efficient, high-performing marketing teams.


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