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Case Study

DANNIJO’s DTC Evolution: A Journey of Brand Strategy and Supply Chain Transformation



Founded in 2008, DANNIJO made a name for itself as a successful jewelry company before evolving into a lifestyle brand. After over a decade of operation, founders Danielle and Jodie encountered challenges in their supply chain and business model, making it necessary to transition from a wholesale business to a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) model. They sought the assistance of Chameleon Collective to revamp their supply chain and reorient their business towards the DTC model.


Chameleon Collective partnered with the founders for an in-depth analysis of the business to identify key drivers and devise a strategy emphasizing a DTC focus while sustaining their wholesale distribution with select key players. The strategy involved moving their sourcing abroad where appropriate, maintaining the brand’s DNA and product quality, thereby enhancing overall operating margins.The team developed an e-commerce strategy and facilitated a platform change from Magento to Shopify, selecting an external vendor to lead the re-platform project. The paid search and social campaigns were restructured, a new team was hired, and prospecting and retargeting display campaigns were initiated.


The new DTC strategy proved to be a remarkable success for DANNIJO, resulting in a 100% Year-Over-Year (YOY) increase in their business, with operating margins improved by 40%. The transition from wholesale to DTC coupled with an efficient supply chain system contributed to DANNIJO’s explosive growth, reinforcing the brand’s industry presence.


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