Case Study: Herewith – Interim CMO

Case Study: Herewith – Interim CMO

Case Study

Guiding Herewith’s Launch: Strategic Interim CMO Leadership



Herewith, an innovative in-home senior care app, was on a tight schedule, with the pressing challenge of launching their brand and product imminently. As they prepared for this pivotal moment, they sought a partner to establish a marketing discipline, direct their marketing endeavors and ensure a distinct and resonant market presence. 


Working closely with the executive team, our Interim CMO focused on establishing the marketing discipline within the organization.  She led the marketing team and ensured that the brand was set up for an effective pilot and official launch. Seeding the market prelaunch, she developed a marketing strategy and plan that identified the core strategic priorities and defined the key customer segments, and an acquisition plan that focused heavily on digital marketing execution and content creation. Taking the mantle of brand leadership, she worked diligently to maintain uniformity across the vast marketing landscape. This involved pivotal decisions about brand positioning, which subsequently informed the design of new products, services, and customer experiences. Every decision, every design tweak, and every strategy was aligned to underscore a compelling brand value proposition that resonates with the intended audience. Beyond this, recognizing that a brand is only as strong as its team, our role extended to orchestrating the larger marketing ecosystem. This included leading the marketing team, managing vendors, collaborating with agency partners, and pinpointing areas where talent and resources were needed.


With Chameleon Collective’s holistic approach, Herewith was not only successfully launched but also solidified its place in the market. Our multifaceted strategy and guidance equipped Herewith with the tools and positioning to foster trust, credibility, and growth in their sector.


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