Case Study: Mielle – Interim CMO

Case Study: Mielle – Interim CMO

A person with curly hair stands against a brick wall, looking directly at the camera with a calm expression. The background consists of light-colored bricks, and the lighting highlights the details of their face and natural hair texture – perfect for a Mielle case study on embracing authenticity in beauty.

Case Study

Steering Growth: The Interim-to-Permanent CMO at Mielle Organics



Berkshire Partners had recently invested in Mielle Organics, a fast-growing natural hair care brand already established in major retailers and international markets.  They sought interim CMO support to continue the growth momentum and scale the business for strategic acquisition to continue this rapid expansion effectively and efficiently.


Chameleon Collective responded by placing an Interim CMO with extensive experience in the CPG and beauty industry. This leader hit the ground running, redesigning the marketing organization to suit the brand’s ambitious goals better. Key tasks included setting criteria for agency selection and evaluating potential partners, recapturing abandoned online cart sales, guiding the innovation and marketing teams, and enhancing marketing narratives to aid retailer line reviews.


The Interim CMO quickly became an integral part of Mielle Organics, facilitating near-term growth objectives and cementing a strong bond with the leadership team. This chemistry ultimately led her to accept a permanent CMO position. Although it meant Chameleon Collective lost a top interim leader, it reinforced our belief in the power of uniting exceptional talent with dynamic companies. We are proud to have catalyzed such a productive partnership, helping Mielle Organics on its path to sustained, efficient growth.


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