Interim E-commerce Leadership

Interim E-commerce Leadership

Case Study

Fostering eCommerce Excellence at John Hardy: Interim Leadership for Growth



John Hardy, a luxury jewelry brand with a 40-year legacy of handcrafted artisanship in Bali, had begun the transition from a wholly wholesale business model towards a direct-to-consumer (DTC) approach, primarily through retail stores. They recognized the need to bolster their digital presence and capabilities in line with consumer expectations and engaged Chameleon Collective to drive this critical digital transformation.


Chameleon Collective responded by placing an Interim SVP of eCommerce in John Hardy to map out a digital vision and a roadmap for success. The strategy included the construction and reorganization of both internal and external teams, investment in advanced technologies, and the development of a comprehensive growth model and budget for 2019. To support these initiatives and accelerate the vision’s implementation, Chameleon Collective also added a CRM specialist, a Digital Marketing Strategist, and technical resources to the team.


The Interim SVP of eCommerce effectively established a highly capable team and made significant progress executing the digital roadmap. This paved the way for a smooth transition of leadership to a full-time hire, ensuring the continuity of John Hardy’s digital transformation journey. Despite the leadership transition, Chameleon Collective continues to provide John Hardy with strategic support in digital marketing strategies and execution across performance marketing channels. The interim leadership not only made an immediate impact on the business, but also set the foundation for John Hardy’s sustainable success in the digital landscape.

John Hardy USA Inc.

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