LinkedIn Strategy

LinkedIn Strategy

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Powering Evaclean’s Growth: The LinkedIn Strategy That Delivered



Evaclean, poised for expansion, confronted a pressing need: a robust lead generation mechanism to catalyze business growth. With only organic and direct site traffic as their current avenues, the imperative was to discover and leverage potent channels that could usher in a torrent of qualified leads.


Chameleon Collective, recognizing the untapped potential of LinkedIn as a lead gen powerhouse, set the stage for a transformative digital advertising campaign. Crafting a trifecta of targeting, creative execution, and strategic ad placement, we curated a suite of LinkedIn Ad solutions. This comprised captivating image ads, immersive video content, and tailor-crafted inMail ad copy – each optimized not just for visibility, but genuine engagement and lead generation.


The ripple effect of our strategy was felt almost instantly. In a mere month post-launch, Evaclean witnessed a staggering 2x surge in sales calls. The influx of inbound leads was so profound that the firm faced an enviable challenge – the need for more sales personnel to cater to this newfound interest.


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