eCommerce Team Recruiting

eCommerce Team Recruiting

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Case Study

Accelerating Growth: Successful Recruitment for Tourneau’s eCommerce Team



Tourneau, a leading luxury watch business, found themselves in need of a Digital Merchandising Manager, a position that had remained open for over 10 months. The company required a candidate with a strong analytical background to handle raw data and learn the intricate details of the luxury watch business. Additionally, the candidate needed to be ambitious and capable of growing with their expanding team.


In a highly focused recruitment effort, we combed through over 200 potential candidates in pursuit of the ideal match for Tourneau’s unique needs. Our recruitment process placed emphasis not just on technical skills but also on finding a candidate who would align with Tourneau’s growth-oriented culture and vision.


Within just 4 weeks, we found the perfect match for Tourneau’s needs. Anurag Kadyan, the VP of eCommerce at Tourneau, expressed gratitude for our swift and effective recruitment process, which succeeded in filling a critical position that had been vacant for almost a year. With their new Digital Merchandising Manager on board, Tourneau’s team was able to shift their focus back to growth and marketing initiatives, thereby accelerating their ecommerce expansion. This case underscores the power of targeted recruitment in enhancing a company’s growth trajectory.


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