Amazon Account Relaunch

Amazon Account Relaunch

A woman in athletic wear, consisting of a black tank top and black leggings, performs a kettlebell exercise reminiscent of an Amazon warrior. She bends forward, holding a blue kettlebell in one hand while extending her other arm outward for balance. The background is dimly lit.

Case Study

Boosting Digital Marketing Performance: Mission’s Amazon Account Relaunch



Mission had a distinct need for an agency capable of simultaneously running traditional digital marketing programs (including SEM, Remarketing, Paid Social, Affiliate, etc.) as well as managing their complex AMS/AMG programs on the Amazon platform. The challenge lay in finding the right balance and synergy between traditional and platform-specific strategies.


Josh from Chameleon Collective, in partnership with the Mission team, initiated a comprehensive relaunch of all their Amazon pages. The focus was on optimizing their content to make it more appealing and visible on the platform. The relaunch was coupled with promotional strategies on Facebook and video platforms, along with several Amazon-specific advertising strategies. This multi-pronged approach allowed for both platform-specific and traditional marketing tactics to work in tandem, maximizing the impact of the relaunch.


The Amazon account relaunch resulted in a significant improvement in Mission’s presence on the platform. The blend of optimization and diverse promotional strategies resulted in a successful launch and enhanced visibility. The optimized Amazon presence, coupled with the strategic use of various digital marketing tactics, bolstered Mission’s reach and engagement on the platform, enhancing their overall digital marketing performance.



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