Case Study: Marketing Leader Mentorship

Case Study: Marketing Leader Mentorship

Case Study

Vera Bradley’s Digital Uplift: Coaching, Collaboration, and Growth



Vera Bradley was poised at the precipice of a significant transformation. First, their digital marketing leader had vacated the role, leaving the reins to an internally-promoted successor with potential but limited experience. Second, despite experiencing robust digital success in previous years, a closer inspection revealed that much of this was underpinned by mask sales. As the world transitioned with diminishing mask needs, Vera Bradley confronted daunting growth obstacles.


Chameleon Collective immersed in an intensive coaching trajectory with Vera Bradley’s new leader. Our tailored guidance spanned the broad spectrums of digital marketing, leadership, and vendor management. Central to this coaching was imparting cutting-edge practices across all digital channels, demystifying growth-centric metrics, and delineating strategic levers to generate impactful outcomes. Furthermore, we elevated the brand’s grasp on agency performance, enabling them to interrogate propositions and rebuff any recommendations misaligned with their broader visions. Augmenting our involvement, we brought to the table a coterie of avant-garde vendors. These collaborations were crucial to illuminate the marketing avenues truly driving Vera Bradley’s success.


The venture resonated with resounding success. Our bespoke coaching blueprint propelled the internal leader’s trajectory, culminating in a well-deserved promotion to a directorial role within months. Recognizing the unprecedented value Chameleon Collective injected, Vera Bradley extended our engagement from the initial six months to a commendable 11 months. By re-calibrating their digital marketing strategies, we were able to reverse the trend of  declining revenue for their online domain, a remarkable feat especially when juxtaposed against the downturn in their brick-and-mortar stores. The leadership’s endorsement was the icing on the cake, with them not only expressing satisfaction but also graciously volunteering to vouch for our expertise with potential clients.

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