Marketing Relaunch

Marketing Relaunch

Case Study

Turning Summit Veterinary Pharmacy into a Market Leader



Summit Veterinary Pharmacy, Canada’s leading veterinary pharmacy, found itself in an increasingly competitive market due to a surge in pet ownership. Although the company had been quietly successful, the need for a more assertive presence became apparent when Persistence Capital Partners acquired a large equity stake. The new investors asked Chameleon Collective to devise marketing and sales strategies to help Summit stand out in this newly competitive environment.


Under the leadership of our interim Chief Marketing Officer, the Chameleon team executed a swift assessment of Summit’s existing marketing and sales strategies. Recognizing the need for a vibrant brand identity, we redesigned the company’s logo and brand guidelines to signal a renewed purpose to all stakeholders. Moreover, we enhanced Summit’s sales capability with a significant overhaul of their ePrescribing tool, capitalizing on our strengths in ecommerce best practices and UI/UX. Coupled with a strategic internal brand launch and a new product marketing strategy, we catalyzed the transformation of Summit from a quiet “order taker” into a dynamic market leader.


The strategic actions of Chameleon Collective empowered Summit Veterinary Pharmacy to shine in the newly competitive market. The modernized brand identity and enhanced ecommerce platform, complemented by the internal brand launch and new product marketing strategy, repositioned Summit as a confident market leader. The transformation not only revitalized the company’s image but also equipped it with the tools to confidently compete and continue its growth trajectory.


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