Media Management

Media Management

A woman wearing a white lab coat and stethoscope looks intently at a tablet device in her hands. She appears focused and thoughtful, suggesting she might be a medical professional reviewing patient information or medical data, perhaps incorporating media management tools to enhance her workflow.

Case Study

Boosting Media Engagement: Empowering Heal to Thrive in a Competitive Landscape



Heal, a cutting-edge healthcare company aiming to reintroduce doctor housecalls in six markets nationwide, faced the challenge of navigating a highly competitive landscape. They needed to establish a robust media presence, both online and offline, to create awareness, promote expansion in new markets, and attract additional funding for future growth.


Chameleon Collective worked in collaboration with a boutique agency to build a comprehensive media strategy that encompassed social and search channels. The Chameleon team extended the media strategy to include a diverse mix of channels such as top/middle/low funnel display, app installs, influencer campaigns, TV, radio, print, and grassroots initiatives. This holistic approach ensured a widespread media reach.


The strategic and comprehensive media plan consistently met or exceeded Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This led to significant success in terms of market penetration and contributed to Heal attracting additional funding for future expansion. The strategic media planning and execution efforts made by Chameleon Collective have been instrumental in solidifying Heal’s presence in a competitive healthcare landscape.


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