Media Outreach

Media Outreach

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Weaving Stories: Elevating Sh*t That I Knit with Chameleon Collective



Sh*t That I Knit (STIK) approached Chameleon Collective with an aspiration: they wished not only to place their brand at the forefront of gift guides but also to eloquently relay their unique brand story through influential business outlets. The objective was twofold – boost product visibility and provide a platform for their corporate story. 


Understanding the nuances of STIK’s brand, Chameleon Collective enlisted the expertise of PR maven, Stephanie Driscoll. Entrusted with leading the media outreach, Stephanie’s strategy was meticulously layered. The initial focus revolved around inserting STIK products into prominent gift guides and securing prime product placements. Simultaneously, Stephanie embarked on an ambitious campaign to spotlight the brand’s commitment to sustainability, emphasizing the deeper values and vision behind STIK, including a USA Olympics partnership. 


The collaboration birthed spectacular outcomes. STIK’s story resonated across an array of top-tier outlets: from Fast Company to Refinery 29 and Rolling Stone. The brand’s Olympic partnership was covered in a Forbes feature story detailing the journey to the multi-year licensing agreement with the National Football League. The diverse media coverage, ranging from the Seattle Times to Today Parents, not only amplified STIK’s presence in the marketplace but also solidified their reputation as a brand with a mission beyond mere commerce.


Sh*t That I Knit

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