Paid Media Efficiency

Paid Media Efficiency

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Case Study

Beyond The Click: Redefining Paid Media Efficiency



Despite an active presence on paid media channels, the quest was to amplify the lead acquisition further. It wasn’t just about more leads, but better leads, without an exorbitant cost-per-lead (CPL) inflation.


Chameleon Collective’s analytical dive into the Google Ads account unearthed substantial opportunities. Landing pages poised for refinement, a reshuffling of keyword selection, and ad copy tweaks were on the horizon. The mission? Escalate ad spend, but in a way that cuts down the CPL. The remedy encompassed not just amplifying what worked but curbing any wasteful expenditure that didn’t convert.


The results were swift and tangible. Post our intervention, the Google Ads account architecture was primed to perfection. Targeting became laser-focused, landing pages were transformed, and the ad copy spoke more directly to the intended audience. This meticulous approach catalyzed the generation of over 1,400 leads in a single quarter. What’s more, despite ramping up the ad spend by a significant 50%, the CPL witnessed a 6% dip, striking the perfect balance between quality and quantity.



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