Paid Media Revival

Paid Media Revival

A woman with long dark hair gently holds and leans in to kiss a baby wearing a yellow onesie. The baby looks towards the camera with a curious expression. Softly lit neutral tones add a warm, tender atmosphere to this paid advertising scene.

Case Study

Nurturing Growth: Oula Health’s Paid Media Revival



Oula Health, Inc., a modern maternity center with clinics in Brooklyn and Manhattan, hit a growth plateau while trying to increase their number of new patients. Lacking the in-house expertise, and unsatisfied with their marketing agency, Oula hired Chameleon Collective to take over the management and strategy of their Google and Meta ad accounts.


Our mission was to optimize and scale Oula’s paid media campaigns, first focusing on Google and Meta. We started with a deep-dive audit of their existing advertising campaigns, reviewing performance history and ad creative, ensuring proper conversion tracking, and making sure the accounts were set up according to best practices. Post-audit, it was evident that a shift in strategy was needed. We completely restructured the existing campaigns, expanded the account with new non-brand keywords, fixed conversion action issues, removed wasteful ad spend, updated ad copy and creative, and provided landing page CRO recommendations. We also partnered closely with the client to set up a creative A/B testing cadence in Meta to identify the best combination of images, video and copy.


Since Chameleon Collective took over the management of Oula’s paid media channels, the client has seen a 38% increase in patient bookings and a 12% decrease in the cost per booking while ad spend has been steadily scaled over several months.

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