Paid Media Strategy

Paid Media Strategy

Case Study

Perfect Pitch: Refining ArtistWorks’ Paid Media Strategy



After an lackluster experience with a well-known marketing agency, ArtistWorks found themselves in need of a trustworthy partner to optimize and scale their paid media channels including Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Their primary goal? Entice more aspiring musicians to their online music lesson platform.


Chameleon Collective provided an upfront, high-level audit of ArtistWorks’ ad accounts to identify both short term and long term opportunities to improve performance. The focus of the audit was centered around how to simultaneously increase the number of qualified leads without significantly impacting the cost per lead. At the completion of the audit, we transitioned from analysis to action. Necessary modifications were implemented to remove wasteful ad spend. New campaigns were created, complemented by revamped ad copy, new image and video assets, and audience targeting was fine-tuned. 


Chameleon Collective’s strategic intervention and optimizations led to quick wins for the client. Within a month of taking control over all ad accounts, ArtistWorks saw a 28% surge in their monthly lead volume from paid media.

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