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Paid Social

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Case Study

From Dormant to Dynamic: How Francesca’s Mastered Paid Social with Chameleon Collective



Francesca’s faced a pressing issue: a lack of expertise to oversee and harness the potential of their paid social channel. With the landscape of digital advertising growing ever complex, Francesca’s needed a precise and effective approach to audit, optimize, and boost its revenue through this channel.


Stepping into the forefront, Chameleon Collective infused Francesca’s paid social endeavors with a rejuvenated vision. We crafted a comprehensive paid social marketing blueprint, undertook a meticulous audit of their Facebook ads account to unearth growth areas, and promptly set in motion the necessary enhancements. Simultaneously, we mapped out a rigorous testing plan for continuous refinement, all while maintaining a laser-focus on amplifying the Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).


The results spoke volumes. A staggering 408% YoY boost in revenue was recorded with only a 233% increase in spend. Notably, transactions from fresh customers leaped by 92%. Harnessing the power of Dynamic Product Ads, combined with expansive target audiences and strategic retargeting, we transformed Facebook Ads from a mere engagement tool into a formidable revenue generator for Francesca’s.


Francesca’s Holdings Corporation

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