Pre-Launch Campaign

Pre-Launch Campaign

Case Study

Navigating Voyager – Catalyzing Momentum for a Trailblazing Crypto Platform



Voyager, a burgeoning cryptocurrency brokerage, was grappling with the complexities of creating a pre-launch buzz within an innovative yet volatile industry. While the mission was to generate anticipation and demand, the task was particularly challenging given the bans on crypto advertising by industry giants such as Facebook and Google, coupled with the market facing a financial correction.


Undeterred by these obstacles, Chameleon Collective harnessed its expertise to devise a robust acquisition strategy. Our goal was to recruit a substantial user base for Voyager even before its official launch. We aimed to attract 100,000 users to a waitlist, thereby creating a momentum that could accelerate Voyager’s growth once it hit the market. Our approach included the creation of a tailored viral marketing program that involved collaboration with renowned crypto bloggers and influencers. These prominent figures were incentivized to share Voyager’s story, thereby amplifying its reach and enhancing demand. This viral marketing campaign was further bolstered with targeted paid advertising across niche crypto ad networks and financial publishers, effectively circumventing the advertising limitations imposed by mainstream platforms.


Our strategic approach propelled Voyager beyond its goals, delivering an impressive 200% to its target in the final month of the pre-launch campaign. This translated into a strong user base primed for Voyager’s launch, despite the fast-paced and challenging crypto landscape. 



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