Product Innovation & Growth Strategy

Product Innovation & Growth Strategy

Close-up of a stroopwafel sandwich filled with gooey caramel, toasted marshmallows, and a sprinkling of crushed graham crackers, sitting on a white plate. The top and bottom wafers are golden brown with visible grid patterns—a delightful example of product innovation in the dessert world.

Case Study

Savouring Growth: Cirkels’ Journey to Nationwide Distribution and Profitability



Cirkels, an emerging specialty snack company, aimed to attain nationwide distribution and significant growth. To achieve this, they required a comprehensive review of their manufacturing processes, costs, competitive positioning, and sales distribution. The objective was to increase both awareness and profitability as they expanded their presence in the market.


Leveraging our expertise in brand management, product development, and retail, we prioritized efforts towards high-potential growth opportunities. This involved a detailed business review that scrutinized their manufacturing processes, cost structures, competitive standing, and sales distribution. The goal was to optimize their profit and loss statement and provide strategies for long-term growth and brand positioning.


The strategic overhaul resulted in a notable increase in profitability of 11%, with potential for more growth, attributed to the reduction in the cost of goods sold (COGs), revision of margin structures, and an increase in case pack and packaging efficiency. A more effective sales distribution strategy was developed, focusing on high-margin opportunities. The brand was successfully repositioned as the go-to choice for all-natural and authentic-tasting snacks. We outlined product expansion plans based on market trends and identified gaps in the category. Furthermore, we guided the strategic development of new packaging, currently a work-in-progress, to reflect the new brand positioning. The changes set the stage for Cirkels’ successful nationwide distribution and ensured a robust trajectory for growth.

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