Product Sales on Third-Party Marketplace

Product Sales on Third-Party Marketplace

Case Study

Harnessing the Power of Marketplaces for OWS Foods



OWS Foods juggled multiple brands, each demanding distinct marketplace support, especially on platforms like Amazon and Walmart. One of its noteworthy brands, Head Country, was transitioning from direct-to-consumer selling on its site. The overarching challenges were twofold: to bolster Head Country product sales on third-party marketplaces and to instill clarity and structure in managing the Head Country brand and its internal team.


Starting with a deep dive into Head Country’s marketplace presence, Chameleon Collective diagnosed the brand’s current status. Armed with insights, we charted out a strategic roadmap tailored to Head Country’s unique challenges. From there, we breathed life into this plan, intertwining content creation, listing optimization, and paid advertising under the umbrella of advisory leadership. More than just external growth drivers, we partnered closely with Head Country’s internal team, illuminating and addressing operational bottlenecks to ensure unhindered progress.


Chameleon Collective’s strategic intervention catalyzed rapid year-on-year growth for Head Country. By early August, the brand had already outpaced its full-year 2022 revenue targets on Amazon, setting it on a trajectory for an impressive 70% YoY revenue surge. Our value-driven results with Head Country cemented our reputation within OWS Foods, leading to our collaboration with other brands under the company’s wide-reaching portfolio.

Inspired by our bold impact, the team crafted this standout testimonial for us: “Chameleon Collective was instrumental in the complete overhaul of the Head Country business on both Amazon and Walmart, with marketplace revenue for the brand on track for unprecedented YoY growth. As a result of this transformational work, coupled with the strong and trusted relationship we’ve built with both Cate and Matt, OWS Foods has requested their services for additional brands within its portfolio and looks forward to our ongoing partnership.”


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