Recruiting Key Roles

Recruiting Key Roles

Case Study

Investing in Talent: Facilitating Key Recruitments for Corsica Technologies



Corsica Technologies, a mature managed IT and Security Services provider, aimed to bolster their leadership and sales teams in pursuit of their mission of providing customers with the best possible service as efficiently as possible. As one of the companies in Inverness Graham Investments’ portfolio, they needed strategic recruitment support to identify and attract the right talent to fulfill these critical roles.


We partnered directly with Inverness Graham Investments, understanding the unique needs and culture of Corsica Technologies. Given our extensive experience and insight into talent acquisition in the tech industry, we embarked on a targeted search to fill the roles of CMO, Demand Generation Manager, and Account Executive II. We prioritized candidates with a track record of success in similar roles and organizations, focusing on individuals who could contribute to Corsica’s growth and customer-focused mission.


Through our recruitment strategy and robust network of potential candidates, we successfully placed a CMO, Demand Generation Manager, and Account Executive II in Corsica Technologies within a timeline that exceeded expectations. This strategic hiring not only enhanced the company’s leadership team but also injected new energy into their sales team. These key hires played a significant role in furthering Corsica’s mission, solidifying its place as a leader in providing efficient IT and security services to organizations nationwide. The successful partnership with Inverness Graham Investments served as a testament to our strong ability to build high-performing teams, paving the way for future collaborations.


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