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Saas Data Platform

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Case Study

A New Era for SRAX: Assembling a High-Performing National Sales Team



SRAX, a publicly traded company offering data-driven SaaS product offerings to marketers, content owners, and consumers, faced a significant challenge in expanding their national executive sales team. Partnering directly with Randy Clark, the Chief Operating Officer, the mission was to recruit a group of top-performing, high-impact SaaS sales executives, filling multiple roles nationally within a stringent timeline.


Chameleon Collective launched a focused recruitment campaign to find passive candidates who were exceptional performers in their current roles. Leveraging their industry connections and recruitment expertise, Chameleon successfully filled 7 Executive Sales roles. This included national sales team which included, 4 Account Directors, a VP of Auto, a Senior Sales Director, and a Regional Seller.


The recruitment campaign was completed in record-breaking time with most roles filled within weeks of the hiring request. Notably, Chameleon Collective achieved a 100% retention rate with SRAX, ensuring that all hired candidates remained committed to their new roles. This successful recruitment drive has solidified Chameleon Collective as SRAX’s preferred recruitment partner, marking a successful chapter in SRAX’s growth and positioning them for sustained success.

“I’ve worked with Sherry throughout her recruiting career and would highly recommend her services. Quite honestly, she is my “go-to” recruiter because she has taken the time to get to know me and my needs very well.”

Randy Clark – Chief Operating Officer at SRAX 


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Sherry Ailsworth

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